80 years LEGO Group

18.07.12 - 13:11


The LEGO Group is celebrating its 80th anniversary on August, 10th 2012 and can look back onto an impressive success story.

In 1932 Ole Kirk Christiansen founded a production company for wooden toys in the Danish city of Billund. His central idea was, “Only the best is good enough.” The motto stayed, but other than that, a lot changed. From the originally small workshop, the LEGO Company today is the third largest toy producer in the world. It is currently represented in more than 130 countries with approx. 10,000 employees. The German branch was founded in 1956. The name LEGO comes from the two Danish words “leg” and “got”, which translates to “play well”.

The success story of the LEGO brick

The triumph of the LEGO Group started almost fifteen years after the foundation of the company, when Ole Kirk Christiansen discovered that plastic was the ideal material for toy production. At the end of the 1940s, the first bricks hit the market, which resemble the modern classic of today.

In 1958 Christiansen perfected the LEGO brick with the familiar knobs-and-tubes-connecting-system, which is what the now 3120 different LEGO elements are still based on.

Since 1962, LEGO bricks are made of ABS. This matte-gloss plastic is very hard and has a scratch- and bite- proof surface. The LEGO basic material is also completely safe. For toddlers who like putting their toys in their mouth or biting on them, the material is perfectly suitable - especially the LEGO DUPLO bricks, which are twice as big as the normal LEGO bricks and therefore cannot be swallowed.

From small to big: Building fun for every LEGO fan

In addition to the classic LEGO brick sets, the LEGO Group has over 25 product lines in their range. The product lines of LEGO DUPLO and City, with their realistic themes, like zoo, police or fire department stations, are especially made for preschool and primary school children.

Boys aged seven and up can dive into different fantasy worlds whether it’s with the Monster Fighters, the LEGO Star Wars Sets or with the Asian themed, Ninjago characters. LEGO Ninjago building sets and minifigures have been complemented with a competition element for the first time ever in 2011: kids interact against each other with circular plates, known as the Spinners, and action cards.

Technic enthusiastic children from around age nine will be satisfied by the MINDSTORMS and Technic sets product lines.

Not only children but also adults enjoy tricky construction challenges of the Technic and Architecture sets or the exclusive items such as the LEGO VW T1 camping bus. includes collector’s items for men to admire.

Since 2009 the LEGO Games open families with children aged five or older a new dimension of LEGO fun. With the buildable LEGO dice and the changeable game board (made out of classic LEGO elements), each game becomes a new, individual side.

The new LEGO Friends sets all around friendship bring lots of fun, especially for girls: the products with lovely details and cute accessories combine building and role play with the themes of nature, sport, music, and animals in a fun and playful way.